Friday, November 6, 2009

Rockin' At 40,000

With the holiday season coming again, many of you may be planning travel. Do you ever select your airline based on in-flight entertainment? Many airlines have upgraded their options. International flights now just about always have seatback video with tremendous entertainment options. Domestically the airlines have been slow overall to upgrade and it seems that it's the low fare carriers that have done the most. Song, a unit of Delta and Ted, a unit of United really created the competition in this category but unfortunately both have been absorbed back into their mother airlines. But if you're looking for good music domestically, keep in mind that JetBlue, AirTran and United all offer XM Satellite Radio options. On my recent trip to MSP on the merged Northwest/Delta they did not have that but their regular audio offerings included a channel called Delta's Party In the Sky. Songs in the September rotation included Dave Aude' dance remixes of Lovegame and Love Struck, David Guetta's Love Takes Over and BEP's Boom Boom Pow, among others. Great channel. Happy travels!


Joe said...

The programming for Delta's Party in the Sky channel was good, however the sound system in the 737 aircraft I've traveled in was lacking. The sound quality was poor. The audio level was pretty much too quiet, or too loud.
The channel is on a CD, i think, as it repeats after about an hour.

Delta has been slow to upgrade to all the cool stuff Song had on it's planes.

I guess this is a start.

none said...

Delta lets you listen to air traffic control! That has be smiling like a giddy school girl the whole trip!

They do actually carry BPM on some models of aircraft in the Delta fleet I believe.

KingBob said...

Joe, Delta is very inconsistent in its fleet. Some planes have audio, some have audio and video, many have nothing. The Northwest merger probably makes things even worse as they bring in all those old DC9-30/40's.

None, I missed the ATC channel. I would have listened!