Thursday, November 19, 2009

Club Reports: Junction City, Kansas

I am really NOT going to give you a club report from Junction City, Kansas, lol!! My travels happened to take me there yesterday and I just happened to run into the hottest club in town. (Click on photo to enlarge.) So if you're ever there, now you know!

Live band Switch is playing tonight for 80's Night at The Groove. I'll have a report tomorrow on how things worked out with a live band on the stage.

Renewed rumors from PI that RRBC is to come down next.


SoCalGal said...

You sure get around KBob; the Dakotas', the cruise, Kansas....what do you do for a living? Save PI regulars want to vision; that you're a jet-setting meterosexual living off of some trust.

KingBob said...

LOL, hardly. I am in the insurance industry and I'm also a professional travel agent. Between the two I do travel quite a bit. Nice to hear from you SoCalGal!