Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Groove Report

Big crowd on hand Thursday night for 80's Night at The Groove. DJ Doc had the night off and weekend DJ AJ filled-in and did a great job. If you haven't been out yet, you should give it a try! It's very close to the 8TRAX experience.
Two 80's Nights in one weekend? Yes, the entire first couple hours of AJ's Saturday night set was close to all-80's as the club filled up. There did seem to be a burst of relief from the crowd though when he finally played a current Top 40 hit near 11pm, lol. As usual, a packed house by midnight.
I asked club management whether there were plans for any new clubs out at CityWalk and the answer was no. A couple new restaurants may be coming but no new clubs.
Meanwhile over at Universal Studios, Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket had a soft opening Saturday and park guests could ride it. At one point the waiting line was over 4 hours!


Anonymous said...

yeah Rip ride rocket is currently doing test runs allowing guest to ride. But whats dissapointing to some Universal employees is that they dident have much of a employee preview for the ride. So not alot of employees got a chance to experience the attraction.
Great for guest but stinks for employees lol.

KingBob said...

Employees had an opportunity to ride it Friday evening and Saturday evening but there wasn't a lot of advance warning. Someone I know got to ride it twice Friday after he got off work at 6pm. But those with earlier shifts or who were off would not have known it was open for employee-testing.