Monday, August 31, 2009

Concert Report: Britney Spears

OK, I admit it....I was there! Yes, it was a predominately female audience, yes it was all lip-synched, yes it was cheesy. But KingBob was not going to miss Britney Spear's Tuesday night appearance in Orlando at Amway Arena, using connections to get me moved from the cheap seats up in the nose bleed section down onto the floor near the stage. Jordin "No Air" Sparks was the opening act and she actually sang. But Britney was no disappointment, performing for more than 90-minutes to a mostly full stadium and doing most of her hits including the major ones off the Circus album. She saved Womanizer for the encore. Little sister Jamie Lynn was on the side floor along with her daughter and Britney had her 2 kids there as well but security would not let me snap photos in that direction. It's a good show and worth seeing if you enjoy her Top 40 hits.


Anonymous said...

Puh'leeze KingBob!, must be a slow day on the blog if Britney was all you could dig up. P.S., keep up the good work!, Your friends from Costa Rica.

KingBob said...

COSTA RICA? DAMN!!!! Yes, Britney (and Marvel) were all I could come up with for Monday, lol.

none said...

ppfftt why pay to see Britney when you can see a MUCH better show and performer in Lady Gaga for 22 dollars. Britney is over rated from a concert perspective.

KingBob said...

Unfortunately Gaga sold out before I could get tickets.

Anonymous said...

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