Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's New On The Island? Nothing.

So what's new on Pleasure Island? Well since my last visit, nothing. I was able to catch last night's 9:30pm presentation of Celebrate Tonight. It was as sorry as ever. I really feel bad for the DJ's who have to attempt to create fun where there is none by asking who has something to celebrate?. "OK, who's got a birthday this summer? Who has a new car? Who just got relief from their hemorrhoids?" Eventually DJ G-Clef was able to gather a dozen victims, er, I mean patrons, and get them to perform the old cruise ship classic, Five Cents, Ten Cents, Fifteen Cents, A Dollar. A small crowd gathered, some ran away when called and most just kept walking.

They are using the monitors to play music videos between Celebrate Tonight sets. CM's hide in the hut and at show time the doors and windows flip open and out they come like a knocked-over mound of fire ants.

Hey, it was good to see John from Mannequins tending bar at Laffers Cantina!

Meanwhile, the tethered balloon ride soared past the closed SoundStage Club. (The balloon ride is actually on the WestSide of DTD, not on PI.)

So if you haven't been out to the island lately, you've now seen what you're missing. Nothing.


Anonymous said...

LOL! My sister knows one of the DJ's and according to her, they all love doing the Celebrate Tonight show. They supposedly love the crowd interaction, the dancing in between mingling with guests...and the 3 day work week!!! I have seen it a few times and also think its a joke.

Ken said...

Generally speaking, people like to watch other people dance. When PI had the big video screens, that in itself, was an attraction; and when people started dancing to the music video as well, then a crowd would form and people would watch. It was similar to the current Celebrate Tonight, less the roving DJs, less the continuous chatter, less the structured schedules, and less the tiny monitors.

Anonymous said...

Haven't been back to PI or Disney in a year this weekend. I'll be in Tokyo in September so I have to go to Tokyo Disney Seas park but after that I don't see myself giving Disney another dime of my money.

I used to always stay at the LBV Hilton and they actually sent me an email asking when I would be back. I said as long as PI has zero or terrible nightlife I won't be back anymore.

Thanks Disney, you suck.

JayMic said...

When there on holiday last month, I swear to have saw the same female performer DJing Pleasure Island, whom earlier was at the Marketplace doing a kiddie show on the stage in front of World Of Disney...and she was doing almost the exact same type of dance along do as I say type show. Family friendly I guess, but not for me.

Ken, I saw lot's of Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers type videos on those monitors.

Anonymous said...

Jonas Brothers? Hannah Montana? I think I am going to cry!!!

KingBob said...

Anon#1, I would certainly not try to dispute whether some of the DJ's have fun out there. I'm sure they often do. I know when things are slow that they really struggle. Many of them have DJ jobs elsewhere too so while it may be a 3-day week at Celebrate Tonight, that doesn't mean they're off the rest of the week.

Ken, I think that's main idea behind Celebrate Tonight. And of course it's a distraction away from all the empty buildings.

Anon#2, I know a lot of people who used to stay at the Hotel Plaza Blvd hotels from time-to-time, yours truly included, to take advantage of the proximity of PI. Just like you, there is no reason to do so now. I understand smaller convention business has been lost by the hotels since evening activities are no longer nearby.

JayMic, what you think you saw is quite possible. Some Celebrate Tonight DJ's can also be found over at Atlantic Dance.

Anonymous said...

Remembering the West End and Hub video monitors, I sneer at those little screens they've got up now.

I like LBV Hilton story above... that may be one angle that got overlooked, reminding the management/owners of the places on Hotel Plaza Blvd that some of us, at least, now have no incentive to stay with them.

Has the change of power at DTD already happened? I think I'll welcome the guy to his new gig with a friendly letter. Although since his background is "Vice President of Operating Participants," (i.e., third party crap) he doesn't sound very promising.

Jordan said...

Exactly, KingBob! That's exactly what I would do. I never told anyone I went there, with Vegas and New Orleans, the secret is out, I didn't want the same to happen to PI. Wops. Guess I should have spread the word more. Though I did bring a chick there once.

What will I do now? Check in to the Hilton, walk over and have fish and chips at the Irish Pub, have a Cigar at the cigar joint, then....


No martinis at the Adventure Club. No LI Ice Teas at Motion. And no disco dancing with chicks with questionable/negotiable morals at 8Trax. Drat.

KingBob said...

>And no disco dancing with chicks with questionable/negotiable morals at 8Trax. Drat.

Double drat! I had no idea such girls were over in 8TRAX! To think I wasted all those years at Mannequins. :(

Anonymous said...

LOL. You went to Mannequins for girls with questionable morals? My luck at finding them was always nonexistent. I did get hit on by their male counterparts from time to time, though. Which was always flattering, even if I'm oriented slightly differently. :)

KingBob said...

Well Mannequins was great because one could stand on the side and the girls would come revolving by!