Friday, July 17, 2009

When Are These Places Open?

Long before CityWalk's food court opened earlier this year, there were 3 fast food windows upstairs near the clubs. They are still there but I've yet to figure out any rhyme or reason as to when they're open. Big Kahuna Pizza seems to open up more often than either Nathan's Famous or Latin Express but one Saturday night I'll find Nathan's open and the next Saturday it's closed. Last night all 3 were closed. Do they just roll dice to decide whether to open or not? Does anyone know?

Club Update: Beautiful night last night in Orlando but the clubs never got packed like they have some recent Thursday nights. Latin Quarter started off very slow considering it was Ladies Night but it did get pretty crowded after 12. 80's Night at The Groove was very slow overall well into the evening; around midnight it too was doing ok but nothing like some of the recent weeks. You could pretty much just walk into the Red Coconut all night.


Anonymous said...

The Pizza resturant and other resturants mostly open when citywalk is busy, (Example (Friday -saturday) mostly from 8pm-12am sometimes as late as 1am.

At least thats what i noticed when I work at Citywalk. but they can change. BTW they do serve food inside the clubs/Bars every night (mostly finger foods)

KingBob said...

Anon, thanks for writing. I have seen food served at Red Coconut all the time and of course at Latin Quarter before 10pm. Never noticed any food though at The Groove. Don't recall food at Bob Marley's or Pat O'Brien's either.