Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ibiza Rules!

Is anyone going to Ibiza this summer? While South Beach is the American home of electronic dance music, you'll hear a lot more techno in Europe than you ever will here and during the summer the island of Ibiza is the mecca. Located off the coast of Spain, every big name DJ in the world plays there, either as a weekly resident of one of the clubs listed above or just for a single session. Prices are not cheap; a single club entry can cost €30-50! Drinks run €10 at least. If you're going or if you've ever been, we'd love to hear about it.


none said...

My bf went clubbing in Ibiza...I'll see if I can get him to write something up!

Ryan said...

Recently I was in Ibiza and had the opportunity to go clubbing. My favorite club in Ibiza by far, must be Pacha, it is easily the most wicked club in Ibiza. On any given night you can find the best DJs and some very gorgeous and famous people, who come solely to party.

Pacha is designed to allow different types of activities. The club has several rooms, all twisting around and making the place a fun labyrinth to get lost in. When you enter the main door, there is a really chill room on your left at the top of a stairwell along with a smaller dance-floor with music bumping, which allows you to escape the packed main dance floor and its crowd.

The club really doesn't get bumping till the early mornings, we arrived at 1:30 and the club didn't actually get crowded till around 3:30/4. Everyone that arrived was dressed to the hilt in designer garb, with most people arriving in luxury cars. The general feel of the club, especially after people start to arrive, is modern, luxurious and has a feeling of being among some of the worlds elite. This general feel is definitely transfered to their drink prices, if you plan on drinking at the club, don't be surprised if you pay more then 15 Euros a drink, plus the basic entrance fee at the door. The music, gay-friendly feeling and ambiance however, make up for the cost of clubbing here.

Both nights we were there, two DJ's from Germany were there and had the entire club bouncing to mainly house mixes with some trance. The club also has its own performers, who in my opinion, out danced, out performed and out-styled any other set of dancers I have ever seen.

I highly recommend Pacha in Ibiza, for anyone that will be in Europe, it is only a short flight from Barcelona to Ibiza. Just bring plenty of money to spend, for the island definitely caters to the rich and famous, not your everyday college student.

KingBob said...

Ryan, thanks for sharing your Ibiza visit. From what I've read, I would agree that Pacha is the best overall club there. Of course, it all comes down to the DJ's on any given night.

I was in New York last year and got to see DJ Ferry Corsten at Pacha NYC.