Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pleasure Island Announcement Soon?

Save Pleasure Island previously reported that there might be some kind of announcement during July about the future of PI. Nothing so far and just 2 weeks remain. However, sources continue to indicate that something might be announced very soon, perhaps as soon as the beginning of this week.

For those of us that are fans of the comedy and dance clubs (and if you're reading this Blog, that's 100% of us), the tidbits of chatter out there indicate the news won't be good. Apparently there will be two press announcements; the entire look, layout and feel of PI will be changing. Some cool new food and beverage options will be coming. One source says Adventurers Club and Motion are coming down (previously reported here) while another says Adventurers Club and Soundstage buildings are coming down.

At this point even bad news won't faze most of us; we're pretty much resigned to the fact that there won't be anything for us on PI. But we all do want closure; we want to hear about these great things that are replacing our old homes; we want to know what's going to happen to those buildings. Maybe then we can permanently move on. But until there is an announcement, we're holding on to hope that somehow Disney will find a place for us in their future. I do want to point out to play close attention to whether the announcements mention the 8TRAX/Mannequins building. The revolving rumors about PI always leave that building out.

If there are announcements they will be posted here and anyone on my e-mail list will get a BREAKING NEWS e-mail. Stay tuned.
Sunday Update: Apparently there are supposed to be 2 press releases coming; one about the future of Pleasure Island and one about a new Beastly Kingdom section to be built at Disney's Animal Kingdom park. This will feature a new ride called Journey to the Centre of the Earth based on a ride of the same name at Tokyo's DisneySea. Remember, this is a rumor.

Monday Update: Another poster says Motion is coming down to allow for a direct walkway from DTD Marketplace across the Island to West Side. I'm skeptical. Motion is supposedly the only building without a water leak and supposedly it has a kitchen from back when it was the Fireworks Factory. So does it make sense to tear down the one building that could be turned into a restaurant the easiest? Again, just another rumor.

Tuesday Update: The original poster of the detailed rumor we're referring to here also mentioned that Personnel changes were going to happen. Last night Disney announced that our beloved Kevin Lansberry was being moved from VP of Downtown Disney over to become VP of Animal Kingdom. Many blame Lansberry for the demise of Pleasure Island clubs. We don't know how true that is; the decision could have been made much higher up and he had to support it. But there is little proof that he was a supporter of Pleasure Island's comedy and dance clubs!

Friday Update: Well the week has come to a conclusion and the only announcement this week by Disney was the one mentioned above pertaining to Kevin Lansberry. Nothing about Beastly Kingdom, nothing about Pleasure Island. There are a LOT of people waiting for announcements. I'll continue to post the latest rumors!


Jordan said...

I simply don't get it. Find a need, fill a need. The only thing I can think of is that there is a disconnect between the higher-ups in HQ in Burbank, and the ground troops in Orlando. Granted, Disney's bread and butter is children's entertainment, and Pleasure Island is the exact opposite of that, but still. A shame.

KingBob said...

PI was built to meet the need for adults to have something to do after the parks close. Many Disney guests are traveling with kids but many are NOT. The convention/meeting crowd want evening adult activities and I don't mean strip joints. PI worked when it was promoted. It was wildly popular. Even in the end PI was reportedly profitable.

Jordan, I don't get it either. Let's wait and see if there really are any announcements and what they say.

Jordan said...

Amen to that, Kingbob. Another theory I had was that "they" simply saw that they could make more money renting the space out than owning it. I always agreed with you, in that the adults DO need a place to go at night to get away from the rugrats, as well as people who are there without kids.

No reason why it wouldn't, couldn't, or shouldn't be popular. It got neglected and needed someone who could keep it going with a new vision (the rock and roll beach club was a waste of space, IMHO) but AC and 8Trax were fan-favorites.

Jordan said...

BTW how do I get on your email list?

KingBob said...

Anyone can join the e-mail list; just write me at:

E-Mails are kept to a minimum; #14 was issued this evening.

Anonymous said...

apparently, the new guy coming into replace our "beloved" kevin, is someone who is pro-clubs. however, from what i hear, the new guy is big on operating participants. so who knows, if this new guy can find vendors to take over those buildings and reopen them as clubs, thatd be good news for us! (then maybe ill move back to orlando)

KingBob said...

Rumor has it that it was Jay Rusulo that was behind the club closures. And he's still in charge. So it may not matter if this guy is pro-clubs or not if the decision has already been made. We're still holding out hope that the Mannequins/8TRAX building will get outsourced to someone but still run as as nightclubs.

Anonymous said...

I am really intrigued by the fate and future of PI as I work at P37 as a bartender. I can tell you the rumors we are hearing.It may not be much but then again there may be some truth to it.First off, I had a business exec at my bar last week who works for some company that has contracts with big corporate chained restuarants and hotels for construction to meet with our very own disney execs. I believe they are working on a deal to possibly, and brace yourself here; a cheesecake factory or Grand luxe Restaurant in possibly the rrbc.THe guy said he couldnt tell me which or what restuarant but in the same breath mentioned his construction company does work closely with those 2 themes across the us restaurant wise. I am assuming it is in the rrbc because he made several references to the appeal of P37 being a waterfront dining venue.
Now for the rumors I heard about the clubs, Supposedly according to management in P37 they heard mannequins,8trax,and adventurers club will come back. I heard 2 conflicting versions of this.that it will be in a few months, and or that disney is scouting for operationg participant club owners to take over the venues. SO not sure really.