Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Motion Is Open This Saturday Night!

Have you wondered if you'd ever set foot in a Pleasure Island dance club again? Well this coming Saturday night is your chance because Motion will be open with techno/house DJ Manny Lehman. Tickets are over $40 though....ouch! Meanwhile hip-hop DJ Skribble will be featured this Friday night over at Destiny Night Club. Destiny is located on Universal Blvd. behind Wet'n'Wild. Tickets are $20. Tickets for both events are $50.

PS-Yes, I am quite aware that Disney took my idea to hold a techno concert in a Pleasure Island club, turned me down and said they couldn't allow an event where advance tickets were sold and then they allow someone else to do the exact same thing!


Anonymous said...

Well it's a good thing they took that Motion sign down then isn't it! LOL When was this event planned? I'm surprised we haven't heard anything about it before. Interesting that Disney is allowing a gay event, they could have easily said no to the club rental.

none said...

This has been announced for at least the last 2 weeks. I will be there and am looking forward to it.

Disney was just pissed off at this blog and that's why they didn't let bob hold the event. At this point that is VERY clear given AC and Motion now have events with tickets being sold.

Brad said...

I have my Tix ordered and everything. A chance to be at MoTion or a PI club for that fact again is the chance of a lifetime. Long live PI!!!

none said...

amen! be sure to wear a shirt with the middle finger on it dedicated to management

KingBob said...

I encourage anyone going to Motion Saturday night to go to the HANES DESIGN-A-TEE store and purchase your own "DOPEY DECISION - REOPEN THE CLUBS PLEASURE ISLAND" t-shirt.

none said...

or feel free to find your own catch phrase based around any of the 7 dwarves.

"you must be sleepy if you can't see the demand"

"do you need to see a doc to justify your decision?"

"don't be bashful, admit your mistake!"

"are you ill(sneezy on the shirt)? This doesn't make sense"

"I hope you're happy with these empty buildings"

"Closing the clubs makes me grumpy"

just a few ideas :-)