Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Groove, How Do I Love Thee?

It's been quite a few years now since you could visit The Groove for a night of techno dance music. With Pleasure Island clubs closed indefinitely or forever (we don't really know), CityWalk offers a similar multi-club for one-price experience. Downtown Orlando's diversity can be had for a similar price but it's hard to discount the convenience CW offers in one location.

And then there's Lindsey! Great looks and great drinks in one package.

Where else can a spontaneous Moonwalk contest break out?

We didn't have the Dancing Security Guard at Pleasure Island!
(Of course we didn't have the half-hour trek from the parking lot either.)

And no shortage of fine looking girls too. Like Pleasure Island, many of them tourists which is always interesting. So while ALL of us would migrate back to PI if they reopened anything, The Groove makes for a decent enough substitute.

Saturday Night Report: Red Coconut Club was crowded early while it took to close to midnight before TG and LQ got full. DJ Doc was spinning at RCC after the band ended. Michael Jackson songs brought cheers at both The Groove and Latin Quarter. Rising Star had a long line but I didn't see any lines at Bob Marley's or Pat O'Briens.


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