Friday, June 19, 2009

Club Reports: LQ / RCC / TG

Notwithstanding having to go to work on Friday, it's tough to stay home on Thursday nights anymore! DJ Leony had Latin Quarter packed last night with his awesome mix of techno/house, reggaeton and freestyle Latin music. Ladies drinking free till midnight doesn't hurt either! Hospitality industry employees get in free. You can also hear DJ Leony's hour-long progressive house mix on Sirius 36, XM 81 BPM every Friday night at 1am ET.

The Herb Williams Band continues to make the Red Coconut Club a hopping place, even on Thursday nights! They've been playing at the club since late January and their popularity has been growing with their ability to replicate popular hit music.

And then there's 80's Night at The Groove. Beginning in obscurity on January 29th with a handful of patrons, the crowds continue to grow and grow. Last night started off slow but by midnight the place was absolutely mobbed as former 8TRAX DJ Doc spun his mix of that fun music from the 80's. There was actually a long line at 1am this morning as shown above. The upstairs is closed on Thursday nights but downstairs it felt just like a Saturday night but with a slightly older crowd. Since it's been many years since The Groove had much going on on Thursday nights, Universal has to be pretty happy with this. If only they would allow some late-70's Disco to be played too! No one else in town is playing it and I think even more people would come out!

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Anonymous said...

I've got to try out 80s night. Looks like fun.