Friday, May 22, 2009

Paradiso 37

©2009 by Thommy
The Paradiso 37 Restaurant continues to take shape on Pleasure Island. The opening date has been pushed back numerous times and is now early June. When all the clubs closed on PI, this was the ONLY thing announced for the bold new vision of Pleasure Island. Our understanding is that it will also feature a tequila bar, a food court called Street Foods of the Americas plus turn into a night club later at night.

It's ironic that the clubs were closed so that PI could become more family friendly. Once Paradiso opens there will be a new night club on the island, a pub, 2 bars, a cigar store and a motorcycle store. Would someone explain to me how this is more family friendly than what we had?


none said...

it's even better at night but in a picture it's hard to see what you're looking at. There are all kinds of lights that flash and stuff. Now that the dock is open you can get a very very clear view

Anonymous said...

pi is probably one of the most visible and obvious cost cut to a guest area ever

Anonymous said...

Its definitely NOT going to be a night club at night. It's a restaurant with a kid's menu even though it is geared more to adults. It's not a big space and the kitchen is open until 11(12 on weekends). The bar is open only an hour later. There is live entertainment at night but NO space for dancing or any lounge area.

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