Saturday, May 23, 2009

Is This Coming To Pleasure Island?'s already here!
PI without the clubs.


none said...

and lame entertainment thrown in!

none said...

It seems the shit is going to disappear for one night! Get the hottest ticket in town, dance in Club Motion on Saturday of Gay Days!

I will be there, hammered, screaming F U to every disney exec as I revel in times past...even if it doesn't have a rotating floor

KingBob said...

DJ Manny Lehman will be spinning for this event at Motion and he is a techno/house DJ. Interesting that this competes against other Gay Days DJ sets but with this on Pleasure Island and across from the official hotel, it ought to do well. Tickets are a steep $45.58.

I think this proves that they ARE willing to allow for a techno event with prepaid ticket sales.....just not for ME.