Saturday, May 9, 2009

DTD Vice President Kevin Lansberry

One of our readers wrote to inform me that Downtown Disney Vice President Kevin Lansberry is no longer just VP of DTD. Apparently Disney Transportation has been placed under the DTD umbrella as has Wide World of Sports. Lansberry allegedly is the one who made the decision to close all the comedy and dance clubs on Pleasure Island. I wouldn't call this a promotion; with all the recent layoffs, buy-outs and retirements, Disney is consolidating operations and thus the management remaining gets stuck with more things to be responsible for. We're anxious to see if WWS is going to be shut down because it's not family-oriented enough. We're told Guest surveys show that more dining and shopping options are needed.

Another reader wrote to ask whether the character pictured on the DOPEY DECISION - REOPEN THE CLUBS official Disney t-shirt is Kevin Lansberry. I zoomed-in to get a better look (lower photo) and compared it to a picture I clipped off the internet of Mr. Lansberry (upper photo). No, that's not him.

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