Sunday, May 17, 2009

Club Report: Vintage

It was an awesome night of Dance and House music last night at Vintage in downtown Orlando. I had been next door to sister-club Vixen previously but this was a first-time visit to Vintage. The first nice surprise was cover was only $10 and then they only started charging it at 11pm. Prior to that entry was completely free. Saturday-night resident DJ Dominick Morrison kicked off the evening with about two hours of music that for the most part would have been played at Mannequins if Mannequins was still open. Dom was the Monday through Wednesday night resident DJ at Mannequins prior to it closing. Around 11:30pm guest DJ Dave Aude' came on and he played until nearly 2:30am. A lot of his selections had vocals and was thus Mannequins-style music; there were a few House songs that did not have vocals but were still great. He played Shiny Disco Balls! The club stayed full until around 2am and then began to clear. DJ Peapod was on hand and it was great to see him again. Dave Cannalte did not make it as he ended up with his own show up in Gainesville.

Here's what I liked about Vixen: DJ Dominick.....if you liked Mannequins you'll enjoy Vixen on Saturday nights. Good bartenders with good drink pours. Classy club with classy patrons. The later closing time downtown is a plus. There is smoking allowed but the ventilation system was excellent and the smoke never became a bother.

Here's what I did not like about Vixen: The DJ is upstairs in a separate little room and from downstairs you can only view him via a "window" cut into the far wall. Weird. Very small. There is a dance floor but it's not specifically marked and not a lot of people were actually dancing.

Overall I liked it!

OTHER DOWNTOWN REPORTS: Senso (formerly Zinc Bar) is a restaurant early and after 11pm becomes a nightclub. It was packed and like Vintage, House/Dance was being played. Antigua was crowded with it's Top 40, oldies and mashups mix. Independent Bar's dance floor was very crowded as the DJ spun old wave hits.


Mark said...

Yes Bob, we had a great time. The sound system was very good with intergrated speakers in the pillars and sub woofers in the partitions. No obstructions whatsoever. Tight bass and crisp highs. Overall a good time and yes the smoking was not an issue with superior smoke eaters which erraticated all smoke including cigars. We will definitely go again. Tell Gilberto he missed a good "show" lol

KingBob said...

Yes, the "show" was pretty hot and there was plenty of other nice scenery too. I think our bartender used to work at Destiny; I'll have to ask her next time. After you all left I was up in the DJ booth until closing and that was interesting too!