Friday, May 29, 2009

Club Report: CityWalk Thursday Night

There was a good crowd out at The Groove last night for 80's Night. The rain earlier in the evening probably kept the numbers down though; it was by no means crowded and by no means empty. DJ Doc was working at PI Live/Celebrate Tonight so the music was led by weekend DJ AJ. Red Coconut was very crowded! The dance floor was completely jammed for the Cupid Shuffle. Bob Marley's & Pat O'Brians were very slow. Latin Quarter was empty early-on and they had the Magic game up on the big screen. By midnight the club was full.


Anonymous said...

Please...Red Coconut Club might as well be The BET Soundstage Club, GHETTO as can be...same DJ too (I think) I had a good time in Groove (80's) and a so/so time in the Red Coconut

KingBob said...

I don't know....on regular nights it seems that RCC and The Groove play a lot of the same songs. It's like Universal owns 1 CD of a song and they pass it down, lol!

Anonymous said...

Lots of hot girls!