Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh Those Rumors!

There are so many rumors floating around out there! These two very fresh rumors are almost direct opposites of each other. But hey, I just report them.

One source told me yesterday that CM's were informed in a pre-shift meeting that additional entertainment is coming "between" PI and the West Side but that none of the PI clubs were reopening.

I had no plans to publish that rumor until I received this one tonight: Another source tells me Mannequins and 8TRAX are reopening very soon!

I'd like to believe the latter rumor but it runs the risk of more disappointment. But get this third rumor I heard this past weekend from yet a different source: Auditions for Pleasure Island DJ's are scheduled to take place at Motion in the very near future!

So there you have it.
All from reliable sources.
Stay tuned!


The Legend said...


I saw this on the disney audition website that raised an eyebrow.


DJ Host
For: Walt Disney World
Audition City: Orlando, FL
Location: Walt Disney World
Looking For: Actors and Musicians

March 24, 2009
09:00 AM
Time zone: Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Disney Auditions is seeking DJ Hosts for an exciting new night time offering at Downtown Disney at the Walt Disney World® Resort near Orlando, FL. DJ Hosts should have strong interactive skills, high energy and an engaging personality. Full time and part time positions will be available.

Performers employed by the Walt Disney World Resort are covered under the terms and conditions of a Collective Bargaining Agreement with Actors’ Equity Association.

Audition Information:

By Appointment Only

Appointments are available between 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. To schedule and appointment please call 407-397-6594.


Applicants must be at least 18 and authorized to work in the United States.

All technical equipment, music and videos will be provided by Disney.

This audition is based upon music knowledge, performance, technical skills and dynamic personality. Applicants should have at least five years of club/radio disc or video jockey experience as well as diverse music knowledge, a strong speaking voice and be able to interact with guests.

Anonymous said...

WOW, thanks for sharing! That sounds like the auditions I was told about that are to occur at Motion.

zulemara said...

I'll be auditioning for the DJ spot at DTD. If nothing else it will give me experience in their audition process and maybe give us some insight on what exactly they plan on doing with a bunch of new DJs

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your PI Live audition!