Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Mannequins & 8TRAX Ordered Restored

Oh my gosh, we've had some interesting developments during the past 48 hours. Details are still being assembled. Read the prior Blog entry below first to provide some framework for what is going on. I'll save the best news for last.

First of all, DJ auditions for PI are going to take place next Tuesday in Motion. The auditions are not open to the public. What are these auditions for? Sources say that the PI Live booth is being moved from its current location above the Hub over to the old tech booth above Laffers Cantina. Laffers is the bar that is still open for business over near Comedy Warehouse. The booth was previously used in conjunction with lighting and sound control for the now-defunct West End Stage. Two DJ's will work out of that booth providing music and comedy for guests on that side of PI and possibly parts of DTD WestSide. The PI Live booth and the music and fun is being moved to eliminate interference with patio guests enjoying Irish music at Raglan Road (there have allegedly been complaints) as well as any interference with Latin music that will be played for guests dining on the patio at the new Central/South American restaurant, opening soon nearby. So this part is all happening anyway and unrleated to Tuesday night's bombshell.

And now the big news: I have word that a very high-ranking Disney entertainment executive visited Pleasure Island on Monday and then ordered that the sound and light systems to both Mannequins and 8TRAX be restored immediately and to get the venues "show ready". A second source states simply that Mannequins and 8TRAX will be reopening soon! Then supposedly other Disney officials were out on the island Tuesday night with a very unhappy-looking Kevin Lansberry in tow. I've also heard from another source that Lansberry is being transferred over from Downtown Disney to manage Wide World of Sports.

Lots going down!
Sources are working on confirmations.
There is a prior disclaimer in this Blog and I want to repeat it here and emphasize it as well. The information presented in this blog is the opinion of the moderator and is not presented as fact. In many cases it is rumor-based and rumors are notoriously unreliable. Keep that in mind when you read any of this stuff.
Stay tuned!


Pat McCabe said...

Well this is very exciting news indeed!!

I wonder with Adv Club, Motion & Soundstage 'show ready' right now being rented out until at least September and Mannequins/8 Trax being ordered to do so will we be seeing a full blown PI return??

I have always thought that Disney wouldn't leave the island in its current state for the big summer season.

If the DTD management shake up is true, thats also good news for us fans of PI.

I gotta say, I'm excited!!

Ken said...

This is great news indeed!

I love 8Trax and Mannequins; I patronized both those clubs every weekend for over 4 consecutive years.

Also, I like the idea of the DJ booth being moved to the location above Laffers; it makes good sense; better visibility and viewpoint to interact with crowd in a wider area (a bigger video screen would be nice to go along with the new DJ booth)

m said...

Man you are on top of this stuff. Keep it coming and good work.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news!! i will spend over $500 on the first night!! Cant wait!!!

KingBob said...

Thanks....stay tuned. And remember these are just RUMORS. Nothing is confirmed unless the Mouse says so!

Anonymous said...

God Bless America :)

KingBob said...

God Bless America :)

......and Mickey Mouse too!

Mike said...

This is a great rumor! I hope it works out - i'll be first in line!I always thought it was strange that so many club signs were left up while others were taken down the very same night they closed. Even the ticket booths are still there and they could have easily been removed.

Joe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joe said...

Great news about the clubs reopening!!! Just returned from Orlando a few days ago. We focused our visit around Citywalk due to the nightly entertainment. However, we took a ride over to Downtown Disney, talk about slow, not too much going on, they have to be sorry for closing the clubs. Citywalk was crowded all evening, right up until the clubs closed. We still would rather Pleasure Island….especially Mannequins.

Bill said...

Good news indeed. The rest of this is just 100% pure speculation on my part, but it would be interesting to see them form a new club zone around the AC/CW/8-Trax/Soundstage cluster with the new DJ booth as a centerpiece. That would obviously leave Mannequins as an outlier, except for the back entrance. Maybe they could do something with the old chained-off walkway that led from the parking lot around Planet Hollywood and the Waterfront...

That wouldn't solve the idiocy of having Curl right where it is, or the old logistics problem of traffic flow from Marketplace to the West side, but there are possibilities here.

Anonymous said...

I hope,hope, hope that disney makes the right decision to bring those clubs and dancing back to disney. There is nothing else in this area.

KingBob said...

Yes, we all just want a place that we can go to spend a few hours and enjoy the music and/or the comedy in a safe environment. We want to give Disney our money.

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