Sunday, February 22, 2009

WOW.....Techno At The Groove

DJ AJ told me a couple months ago that he doesn't like to play any techno at The Groove because it clears the dance floor. Well I don't know what possessed him last night but he was spinning lots and lots of Dance music intermixed with the normal Top 40 hits! And not only did the dance floor not clear, it got even more crowded!

Ne-Yo was last night's guest star singing for the Mardi Gras celebration over at Universal. As that came to an end around 10pm many of the patrons came over to CityWalk. The lines were long at all the clubs but fortunately club reentry was considerably quicker. And as literally thousands of customers swarmed around the CityWalk complex last night, one could not help but think about how about a thousand of these people would be over at Pleasure Island giving Disney their dollars, if only it was open.

Speaking of PI, I saw the largest number of Mannequins people in the Groove last night that I've seen since the PI closure. And instead of hearing one hip hop song after another as is often the case, it was a great mix of current Top 40 along with an incredible amount of techno. Any fan of Mannequins had to have enjoyed last night. So hats off to DJ AJ for the awesome performance!


TedS said...

Yeah, the music was great last night. I hope they keep that format.

KingBob said...

Well DJ AJ made up for it last night (February 28th) with virtually NO techno music! I texted him and he did play a few "Dance" songs but then it was back to the hip hop!