Monday, January 19, 2009

Club Report: House of Blues Hospitality Night

Big thanks to Thommy who has been club hopping all over Orlando since he arrived here from Wisconsin last week! Sunday night was Service Industry Night at House of Blues and this is a night known for its techno music. He reports: "On Sunday HOB was packed wall to wall with people. I could barely move on the dance floor. The music was house early on, then they brought out the big dj at like 12 or 12:30(too drunk to remember) and he played a combination of house and hip hop, but it worked really well because it was all up tempo and he was mixing on the spot, so he was really just sampling songs. You never really heard a verse, just the chorus and then it was on to the next song."
The "big DJ" he refers to is probably DJ Sandy. One of these coming weeks I need to take a Monday off from work and head out to HOB for SIN. A reminder to all that any service industry ID or paystub gets you in. They are not picky and it does not need to be related to the tourist industry.

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