Sunday, January 4, 2009

Club Report: Atlantic Dance Hall

OMG, what a beautiful facility! This place is an art deco extravaganza done first class as only Disney can do it. The DJ plays requests and he's right there in the front by the bar. All songs come with the Music Video being played in large scale up on the back wall. The only thing missing was people. There was only about 40-50 patrons in the place which is just too few for such a large dance floor. It was a great surprise running into so many PI people in one place though, many of which I had not seen since the final night in September! This place must have been incredible when it was sold out on New Year's Eve.

So why does AD stay so empty? Why isn't it advertised? I did some digging on this and sources tell me that Disney doesn't care whether there are customers or not. I'm told they have a contract with the Dolphin and Swan hotels to operate a night club there. So they do it. But apparently the contract doesn't give them incentives to make larger profits. That doesn't make any sense to me but it is true that you rarely hear about this place. I've got to check further into this. Update: A reliable source tells me that Disney doesn't want guests staying at the expensive Boardwalk Resort to have to put up with a lot of noise on a regular basis and thus they don't push AD much. To get to it you pretty much have to walk through the hotel's entry portal and then around one of the hotel's wings. They don't want that 2am rowdiness out there.

The music is very much like Motion although less hip hop and instead more "oldies". Since much of the music is request-based, it can be whatever you want it to be although I don't know how many songs and videos they have loaded in their computer. So a big Thumbs-Up for Atlantic Dance. If only they could get some people out there!

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