Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Cruise With More Clubs

OK, I promise no more cruises for awhile! But I did have the opportunity to take another one these past few days and so I have to give you a Club Report. This voyage was on Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas, one of RCI's super large Voyager-class ships holding 3000 people. And it was completely full. Ships of this class have multiple venues to hang out; the Ixtapa Lounge had a show band playing 1940's era Tanz musik, the Schooner Bar had a piano man playing and singing requests ah la Jellyrolls andPat O'Brians and there was karaoke up in the Viking Crown Lounge. Boleros was home to a latin music band which was packed. But "our" kind of music had its home in The Dungeon, a gothic-styled two story dance club featuring DJ Anthony. And while this space is normally the dance club on Voyager-class ships, it was only being used as the teen disco during this cruise. The photo above shows the entryway into the club.

I show the pool above because on the second night of the cruise Royal Caribbean's "Club 20" was held here at the Solarium. It was advertised as a South Beach kind of party held poolside and wow, what a party it was. When DJ Anthony finished his spinning at the teen club, he came over here and at 12:30am this morning the party got started! The first 45 minutes was pure techno with one Dance hit after another. People were dancing all over the far side of what is pictured above. White curtains blocked off the area beyond the balcony reminisent of the Delano Hotel in SOBE. After the near-hour of Dance, the switch was made to Hip Hop and the number dancing quickly doubled so that there were people dancing all over the place. By 2am girls were dancing on the ledge around the pool and some had taken their shoes off and were actually standing in shallow parts of the pool itself. A few techno songs were thrown in from time-to-time; the DJ knew what he was doing and Club 20 stayed packed. The name Club 20 comes from RCI's 20th ship Freedom of the Seas which is where the idea originated. The roving Club 20 is only found on their Freedom-class and Voyager-class ships.

One final note. Royal Caribbean has a music video television channel called xyTV. And in the morning they play Dance music. It was great waking up to Cascada, Angel City, Dido, DHT and so on! Unfortunately the rest of the day it's Rock, Top 40 and even some Country. :(

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