Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More News......All Bad

1. My Disney Catering rep says that she has checked with PI officials twice now and I CANNOT rent out Mannequins on New Year's Eve.

2. She also checked out the rumor that a couple clubs on Pleasure Island might reopen over the holidays. The answer is that the clubs are "scheduled to be dark". That's showbiz for: CLOSED

3. Visiting out at PI last night, ran into someone that used to work in one of the clubs and who still works out on the Island. He has personally been inside Mannequins and it has been gutted. Electronics and lighting removed. Not a day goes by where they aren't pulling more stuff out of the place! Well no wonder I can't rent the place! Update 11/24/08: Screamscape reports that all clubs have been stripped of their electrical components and props unless they are to be used for a previously-booked private event. Come January, the work crews are moving in!

I was also out at PI this evening and the club formerly known as Motion was open for a private event for College Program members. Apparently this place has not been gutted although I don't know if the sound system is still there or even if all the television monitors are still installed. They wouldn't let me inside.

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