Wednesday, November 26, 2008

DJ Peapod Update:

DJ Peapod (Jim Fox) reports he is still among the ranks of the unemployed but is still searching. He tells about the failed deal with CityWalk. Besides the hiphop music that The Groove wanted him to play, the other reason his deal to play there fell through is that they were only offering him a 3-week contract with a requirement that he carry $1M in liability insurance. DJ Doc was able to do it for Red Coconut Club because Doc already had a mobil DJ service with the insurance in place but Jim had no such thing and the cost of getting insurance for just a 3-week stint made no sense. He points out that Doc's contract has already expired and the only chance of repeating there would be after the first of the year. And the plan for Doc to spin 80's between band sets didn't pan out either. They made Doc play hip hop.

As far as Pleasure Island goes, he says that all the clubs (except the building that housed Motion) will be dismantled sometime after the first of the year. Motion will continue to be used as profitible convention/meeting space. (Although my prior rumor report mentions Hoop De Doo could be moving there.)

So that's the latest from Jim. If we can find a club for him to play at, he's available to be our DJ!

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