Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Club Report: Oakenfold at ICON

WOW, what an event! Oakenfold came on about 12:30am this morning to a packed ICON night club in downtown Orlando. He played until a few minutes before 3am and it was the best live Dance/House set I've ever witnessed. A lot of House DJ's play too much trancy music without vocals but Oakenfold played mostly lyric-based music, many of them familiar to the crowd from XM81/Sirius 36. The music was loud and the bass was thumping! The loudest roar from the crowd came when he played the new Tiesto remix of Silence, one of the songs on my Mannequins 1 CD. From small venue to large venue, tonight Oaky plays at the Miami Dolphins' stadium to 30,000!

Speaking of Tiesto, he's coming to Orlando too! Sunday, December 28th at Hard Rock Live at Universal Orlando. Space on the dance floor is $40. This too is a must-see event.

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