Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sign Changes at PI as of 04 OCT

As reported, there have been some sign changes at PI since the closure. Here we'll compare before and after photos.

First of all let's compare the entry signs. The original one had the PI logo and the club logos. It was a professional looking sign. The new sign looks like crap! Look at all the wrinkles on the paper they slapped up there. People stare and mumble that there's nothing here!

There have been no real changes at Mannequins. The huge metal sign is still attached to the building and the marquee style overhang is still there. The "Mannequins Dance Palace" signs along the two angles of the marquee are no longer there but I think those were just there electronically anyway and they're missing only because someone turned off the switch. Nothing was taken down that I can see.

As previously reported, the 8TRAX signs have been painted over.....poorly, I might add. Black paint was used but you can still easily see what was on there before.

Over at Motion the sign has definitely been removed.

No picture, but there are barricades back up surrounding the building that at one time housed the Missing Link Sausage Company and a few shops. I'm pretty certain that the South American restaurant/night club is going into the waterfront side of that building. That remains the ONLY thing that has been announced for Pleasure Island.

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