Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It Was Like Pleasure Island At Sea

Have you ever gone on a cruise? This past weekend I got to experience a special 2-night sailing of the Norwegian Pearl, a relatively new ship by Norwegian Cruise Lines. A 2-night sailing basically results in just 1-day away which was fine. And like the more-typical 3-night cruises out there, it was a PARTY CRUISE. But what made the PARTY so much fun on this cruise was that the music being played was like a trip back to Pleasure Island!

First night in the Spinnaker Lounge: 70's Night Nearly every cruise I've ever been on has a 70's night and this was the same only this time it was more special since 8TRAX is no longer a weekly option. They played all the 70's disco classics, the Entertainment staff was dressed in their finest 70's threads and there was even an obligatory appearance by the Village People! So 8TRAX was on my ship. What about Mannequins?

First night in Bliss Ultra Lounge: Yes, Mannequins! There was no revolving dance floor but they did have nice cushiony sofas and beds and the DJ was spinning techno! And the place was absolutely packed. (Ironically there is a club in downtown O-town with the same name.)

Second night in Spinnaker: On each cruise NCL runs something called the White Hot Party. Little did I realize that this was also techno! I asked the DJ if he was playing techno all night and he replied, "House". House, Techno, Whatever, it was mostly Mannequins music. They were handing out the glow necklaces!

Second night at Bliss: Hip Hop (oh well, can't win them all.)

So I got to visit both 8TRAX and Mannequins during my 2-night cruise. My PI withdrawal symptoms still have not set in because of stuff like this!

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