Monday, October 27, 2008

DJ Peapod Cancels & Other Updates

Latest update is that DJ Peapod (Jim Fox) has decided NOT to play at the Groove. This appears to be true. As previously reported by a well-placed source at CityWalk, Peapod was to play Dance music at the Groove on Wednesdays and Fridays beginning next month. Now we hear this has been cancelled. From what Jim told me previously via e-mail, they wanted him to mix hip hop into his dance mix and he told them he was not a "Motion DJ" and wouldn't do it. Apparently neither side conceeded and the deal is off.

This is unfortunate for all of us! I can understand both sides. The Groove gets packed on both Friday and Saturday nights with its current crappy mish-mosh of music and they fear losing what they already have. Likewise, DJ Peapod is NOT a hip hop DJ and to ask him to include that stuff in the highly popular style he played at Mannequins (quite successfully for years) is unreasonable. There was so much excitement when I posted the announcement about his return to the booth. Now there is sadness.

In other news, Mannequins' Thursday night DJ Dave Cannalte is spinning Thursday nights at the House of Blues. Apparently they've moved their Sunday night Hospitality Night to Thursday nights at HOB and Dave has simply taken his show over there. This will be highly popular with Disney CM's who have free bus transportation available to them. This won't help CityWalk with their attempt at a Thursday night hospitality industry night. Details at:

And as for DJ Doc at Red Coconut, DJ Peapod reports that Doc will be spinning between band sets. On Thursdays he'll be playing 80's and on Saturdays he'll be doing a Motion kind of mix but perhaps with less hip hop. It looks like 70's Disco is not in the cards at this time. DJ Baby Anne continues her downtempo and breaks at Red Coconut on Tuesday nights through year-end.

Thanks to Jim for the updates!

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