Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday Night Report

It wasn't quite as crazy as it could have been and it appeared that everyone was on good behavior and I'm not aware of any incidents. Disney Security was very much in plain clothes in addition to the normal variety of uniformed guards. Unlike last weekend, it was very low key.

Adventurer's Club had hundreds in line by the time they opened at 6pm. I believe capacity is 350 so they reached capacity for the first show. Some people did leave as the shows converted however later in the evening no one was leaving because everyone wanted to be part of the final performance. Those still in line outside (and there was still a long line) could not get in and they had to watch the show via outdoor monitors that were added. See:

All dance clubs reached capacity before midnight. Mannequins was so crowded that just like this past Thursday night, the dance floor broke again. This time it shut down around 9:15pm and clearly that takes a lot of the energy out of the room. That was not enough though to get anyone to leave. The first couple hours of music was retro techno with early Dance hits from the mid to late 90's. Once the floor broke they switched to current Dance hits; don't know if that was the plan all along. Lots of filming going on for the Mannequins Medley that is played each night. Watch it on YouTube:

The end was stirring. The DJ booth was full. The girl lighting tech (don't remember her name) was being hugged and she was crying. They played until 2am and the crowd demanded "One More Song"!! Finally DJ Peapod (Jim Fox) came back to the podium and played one more. There was a lot of cheering and applause for the entire cast members that work the booth.

Final Night Part 1:

Final Night Part 2:

One More Song:

As all of us know, there is no justifiable reason for Pleasure Island to have been closed down. There are night clubs all over the world, of course, but none have been so heaviliy themed as these and so beloved. I'm not aware of any other venue anywhere that would have people travel thousands of miles to come for the final night. Can you?

It's over! I'll be watching those buildings carefully to see what happens. Unless Mannequins is torn down, I'll be watching and hoping that someone leases it and returns it as a dance club. I will be maintaing this blog to keep you updated on any developments. If you're on my e-mail list you'll get any breaking news of importance.

To all my friends out there, it's been great partying with you!


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