Sunday, September 7, 2008

Final Night Information

Have not heard any official announcements yet regarding the final night(s) at Pleasure Island. I am personally aware of people flying in from all over the country for Final Night and in one case someone flying in from Europe. Here is what I've heard:

1. No free entry for cast members.
2. Fireworks at midnight - Yes
3. Live Band - Yes - I don't know that it's going to be Frankie & The West End Boys but I have heard there will be a live band on the Dockside stage besides Mannequins.
4. No guaranteed entry or re-entry. With all the locals that have annual passes plus the unlimited number of tickets that are floating around out there that could be redeemed that night, clubs are going to reach capacity early. If you're coming out, COME EARLY, pick a club and stay there. If you arrive later you may not get into any club; if you leave a club you may not get back in. This past weekend the "No Guaranteed Re-entry" signs were posted at Adventurer's Club and I expect they will be posted everywhere on Final Night.
5. In answer to questions asked of me, I have not heard that RRBC is being reopened that night; I have not heard that there are going to be extended hours.

If you have other information of interest, please post by clicking on Comments. I'll share other information as it is announced.

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