Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday Night Report

It wasn't quite as crazy as it could have been and it appeared that everyone was on good behavior and I'm not aware of any incidents. Disney Security was very much in plain clothes in addition to the normal variety of uniformed guards. Unlike last weekend, it was very low key.

Adventurer's Club had hundreds in line by the time they opened at 6pm. I believe capacity is 350 so they reached capacity for the first show. Some people did leave as the shows converted however later in the evening no one was leaving because everyone wanted to be part of the final performance. Those still in line outside (and there was still a long line) could not get in and they had to watch the show via outdoor monitors that were added. See:

All dance clubs reached capacity before midnight. Mannequins was so crowded that just like this past Thursday night, the dance floor broke again. This time it shut down around 9:15pm and clearly that takes a lot of the energy out of the room. That was not enough though to get anyone to leave. The first couple hours of music was retro techno with early Dance hits from the mid to late 90's. Once the floor broke they switched to current Dance hits; don't know if that was the plan all along. Lots of filming going on for the Mannequins Medley that is played each night. Watch it on YouTube:

The end was stirring. The DJ booth was full. The girl lighting tech (don't remember her name) was being hugged and she was crying. They played until 2am and the crowd demanded "One More Song"!! Finally DJ Peapod (Jim Fox) came back to the podium and played one more. There was a lot of cheering and applause for the entire cast members that work the booth.

Final Night Part 1:

Final Night Part 2:

One More Song:

As all of us know, there is no justifiable reason for Pleasure Island to have been closed down. There are night clubs all over the world, of course, but none have been so heaviliy themed as these and so beloved. I'm not aware of any other venue anywhere that would have people travel thousands of miles to come for the final night. Can you?

It's over! I'll be watching those buildings carefully to see what happens. Unless Mannequins is torn down, I'll be watching and hoping that someone leases it and returns it as a dance club. I will be maintaing this blog to keep you updated on any developments. If you're on my e-mail list you'll get any breaking news of importance.

To all my friends out there, it's been great partying with you!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday Night Report

Whereas Mannequins was the only dance club to reach capacity on Thursday night, all the dance clubs except Mannequins reached capacity on Friday night. That's not to say Mannequins wasn't was packed too. But they were able to use the normal front entry rather than the side stairs. They still have the ropes along the side stairs so we may see that being used tonight.

Both comedy clubs had long lines but you could get in if you didn't mind waiting.

Tonight's the night that everyone has been both anticipating and dreading. Comedy clubs open at 6pm with first performances at 6:50pm. Dance clubs open at 8pm. DJ Peapod at Mannequins reports that he's up first as each of the 3 main DJ's at Mannequins play their final sets. It will be interesting to see what each DJ selects for their final song. Outside, Frankie & the West End Boys make their final appearance ever at PI. They were the main band to play on the West End Stage before that was demolished. They still have a PI drink named after them.

Recommend that you arrive early to be sure you get in to whatever club you want to go to. Those on my e-mail list have my phone number and you're free to call me after 4pm and I'll let you know if there are any lines forming at that hour.

This is it..........the END of Pleasure Island has arrived.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday Night Report

Mannequins was packed by 9pm. Club reached capacity around midnight and no one else could go in until people left. Instead of the front door and the elevator they are using the 2nd floor side entry on the Waterfront side. You queue on the side, show your pass separately from getting your armband and then climb up the side stairs to the entry door. I haven't seen them use the side entry in 10 years! Club so crowded that the revolving dance floor stopped. I don't know if the weight of the people broke it or if they just stopped it to prevent it from breaking. We'll see if it's operating tonight.

Live band "Hip Kitty" was playing on the Waterfront Stage adjacent Mannequins. Kitty in Converse Allstars, tall white knee socks with the stripes at the top and short shorts made for a very retro look. Same band tonight; Frankie and the West Enders playing Saturday night.

8TRAX was relatively empty. No delays getting in.


MOTION very crowded inside but the line outside moved very quickly, at least right before midnight when most people already had their armbands.

I did not check on ADVENTURER'S CLUB or COMEDY WAREHOUSE. Supposedly the AC line on Wednesday stretched from the entrance all the way to the Harley Store just before they opened.

It will be worse tonight and chaos on Saturday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CityWalk to Honor PI Annual Passes!

As reported by the Orlando Sentinel & WKMG channel 6: Universal CityWalk will honor annual passes from Disney's Pleasure Island through March 31, 2009.

Here's how it works:
1) Present your PI pass with valid photo ID at CityWalk guest services before Dec. 31, 2008.
2) In return, you'll receive a CityWalk pass that's good through March 31, 2009. It doesn't matter what the expiration date is of your PI AP as long as it is still valid. Your new CityWalk AP will be valid until the end of March.
3) The pass is valid at Red Coconut Club, Bob Marley's, Pat O'Brien's, Citywalk's Rising Star, the Groove, Latin Quarter and Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville. That's every club there except Blue Man Group.
4) It excludes VIP admission and special-ticket events like New Year's Eve.
5) The price for this: FREE

Keep in mind that it costs $12 to park at Universal during the day. Normally after 6pm parking is free however the free time begins later in the evening during Halloween Horror Nights. If you pay to park, bring your parking receipt with you and they will refund it.

They don't keep your PI AP. They punch a small heart-shaped punch mark on it so they know you've redeemed it already. You can then still apply for your pro-rated PI AP refund once the island closes. PI Annual Passes that have already expired are not valid.

They will be offering for sale CityWalk Annual Passes but not yet. Price not announced yet however I'm told it will be similarlly priced to what PI charged for their pass.

For more info, call CityWalk Guest Services at 407-224-2690.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mouse Watch: Important Article at Jim Hill Media

The PI crowds were so huge this past weekend that Disney is having to come up with contingency plans for the final weekend. They will be announced Wednesday.

Not sure if Jim Hill was kidding or not but there is talk of people camping out in the parking lot Friday night so that they can get in on Saturday night!

Everyone needs to read his article at:
Click on the Monday Mouse Watch article.
After you've read it, be sure to click on the orange "Discuss Article" button at the bottom to read commentary.

Remember that the comedy clubs are opening at 6pm and the dance clubs at 8pm. Arriving early is highly recommended!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Updates for Final Weekend

Pleasure Island is adding additional show times and entertainment for the final weekend:

Thurs., Sept. 25 and Fri., Sept. 26:
  • Adventurers Club opens at 6pm with additional Library shows. Shows are continuous.
  • The Comedy Warehouse opens early with an additional show at 6:55pm. Show times are: 6:55pm, 8pm, 9:10pm, 10:25pm, 11:35pm, and 12:45am.
  • Live Band ("Hip Kitty") performing on the Waterfront Stage at Pleasure Island, Four 45-minute sets at 7:30pm, 8:45pm, 10:00pm, and 11:15pm. (A D.J. will also perform, 6pm - 1:30am, alternating with the band.)
  • Dance clubs open one hour earlier at 8pm.
Sat., Sept. 27:
  • Adventurers Club opens at 6pm with additional Library shows. Shows are continuous.
  • The Comedy Warehouse opens early with an additional show at 6:55pm. Show times are: 6:55pm, 8pm, 9:10pm, 10:25pm, 12:05am, and 1:05am.
  • Live Band ("Frankie and the West End Boys") performing on the Waterfront Stage at Pleasure Island, Four 45-minute sets at 7:30pm, 8:45pm, 10pm, and 11:15pm. (A D.J. will also perform, 6pm - 1:30am, alternating with the band.)
  • Dance clubs open one hour earlier at 8pm.
  • All 3 Mannequins DJ's including weekend DJ Peapod will have turns playing their final sets.
  • Midnight fireworks over Village Lake.
Remember, even with a ticket, there is no guaranteed entry so arrive early. There is no guaranteed re-entry; if you leave a club you may not get into the club you're headed to or get back into the club you just came from.

Ticket lines are expected to be long. Remember there is a ticket kiosk in Downtown Disney West Side near the PI bridge that usually has shorter lines. Also, there are electronic ticket machines outside the upstairs 8TRAX entrance. If you're coming Friday, buy two tickets to use that night and Saturday night. You can also buy all-club tickets from the dozens of ticket brokers along I-Drive and elsewhere in the Attractions corridor, usually for less than the official price.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Capacity Crowds at Adventurers Club

Interesting article posted earlier today at Jim Hill Media about the capacity crowds that have been congregating at The Adventurers Club. Here's the link to it:

The crowds are not limited to AC. This past weekend I saw the longest lines I've ever seen for Comedy Warehouse. The entry line for 8TRAX wrapped around the building and a bit up the stairs....first time in years I've seen that. 8TRAX actually reached capacity and the re-entry door was closed for awhile. The lines weren't too bad at the other dance clubs but inside the dance floors were full of drinking patrons. I've yet to meet a single person that says closing PI makes sense. Quite to the contrary, everyone says it makes no sense.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Is IP Going To Replace PI?

Here's an interesting rumor I picked up on yesterday. Two independent sources mentioned a new nightclub development being built in the Kissimmee area.

One source specifically called the development Island of Pleasure and that it was being built on US 192 in Kissimmee. The other source had not heard that name but said the place was being built at the far south edge of Disney property (which would be Osceola County) to be run by Disney as a replacement for Pleasure Island. She stated that this was not the budget hotel/restaurant complex being built out at the junction of TOLL 429 (Western Beltway) at Western Way/Hartzog Road.

Is this for real? Is Disney really building a new Pleasure Island to be called Island of Pleasure? Wouldn't that be awesome if true? Stay tuned as I dig into this story.

Update: I have not found any confirmation about these two rumors from any other sources.

Annual Pass Refunds

A reminder to those of you with Pleasure Island Annual Passes that you're entitled to a refund for the unused time remaining on it. The amount of your refund will be pro-rated based on the number of days remaining on the pass from the PI closure date to the expiration of your pass. Obviously don't request your refund until after PI closes if you're still planning to use the pass.

Refunds will not be processed at PI ticket windows. Go to any Guest Relations counter anywhere in Walt Disney World. The ones closest to PI are in Downtown Disney Marketplace adjacent Team Mickey and in a kiosk near the Pleasure Island bridge over in Downtown Disney West Side.

Update on 9/28/08: Refund took about 5 minutes to process and they will put the credit on whatever card you desire. I guess a cash refund was also an option. They return the card to you when they're finished so you can then take it to Universal for the free CityWalk Party Pass.

Friday, September 12, 2008

More Final Night Information

The following was picked up from the Screamscape website:

Downtown Disney & Pleasure Island News - (9/12/08) Screamscape sources have sent in some information about what we might see during Pleasure Island’s last nights. First off the Fireworks will return to PI for a special finale show on the 27th, though we’ve heard there is also a slight chance it could also happen on the 26th. We will see performances by Frankie and the West End Boys and Hip Kitty, some off-season special shows in the Adventure’s Club (Halloween & Christmas themed) plus we’ve heard that the AC’s night will end with a very special show where the story may give away a reason as to why the club is closing. I’ve also heard that there may be some kind of special show over at the Comedy Warehouse as well. Meanwhile look for lots of extra characters in the streets and special souvenir merchandise.
After that… turn off the lights on the way out because the party is over… unless you are a member of one of a few special private groups who have already booked the various venues (yes, Adventure’s Club too) for special private functions. Apparently the special event types still have some events scheduled for these locations through to Jan, 1st 2009. After that… crews will move in to start removing anything of value and prepare the site buildings for new owners or for demolition.
As for the buildings… we’ve heard that suits have been spotted walking the island with rolled blueprints lately, looking over the current BET, Adventure Club, Beach Club and Motion buildings. As for the buildings on the other side of the street (8-Trax, Mannequins) we’ve heard that there may be no set plans for those sights yet, which could possibly mean they could have a date with a wrecking ball in order to build up something entirely new.

Yes, that could mean Mannequins and 8TRAX are going to be torn down but it could also mean that they might come back in the future as the great night clubs that they are! I can dream.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Final Night Information

Have not heard any official announcements yet regarding the final night(s) at Pleasure Island. I am personally aware of people flying in from all over the country for Final Night and in one case someone flying in from Europe. Here is what I've heard:

1. No free entry for cast members.
2. Fireworks at midnight - Yes
3. Live Band - Yes - I don't know that it's going to be Frankie & The West End Boys but I have heard there will be a live band on the Dockside stage besides Mannequins.
4. No guaranteed entry or re-entry. With all the locals that have annual passes plus the unlimited number of tickets that are floating around out there that could be redeemed that night, clubs are going to reach capacity early. If you're coming out, COME EARLY, pick a club and stay there. If you arrive later you may not get into any club; if you leave a club you may not get back in. This past weekend the "No Guaranteed Re-entry" signs were posted at Adventurer's Club and I expect they will be posted everywhere on Final Night.
5. In answer to questions asked of me, I have not heard that RRBC is being reopened that night; I have not heard that there are going to be extended hours.

If you have other information of interest, please post by clicking on Comments. I'll share other information as it is announced.